Gran Canaria Fishing: An Introduction

Gran Canaria fishing can be great fun. Imagine that you are lying on your sunbed looking out to sea and watching the various boats going past. Wouldn’t you like to join and go and see what is out there? Fishing is another activity that might help pass the time. Now, I’m not a fishing aficionado but talking to friends and looking around, there seems to be a lot of types of fishing you can do.

Fishing is another activity that might help pass the time. Now, I’m not a fishing aficionado but talking to friends and looking around, there seems to be a lot of types of fishing you can do.

Gran Canaria Fishing: Sea Fishing Around the Island

Sea fishing is the most obvious first thought. There are many boats for Gran Canaria fishing that you can rent out completely if there are is a small group of you. Or you can go with your partner as a spectator if they want to go for the fun but don’t want to fish.

If you are staying in Playa del Ingles then you’ll need to travel across to Puerto Rico or Puerto Mogan. Take a wander through the harbours and chat to the staff. They all will have the best trips you can buy but go prearmed with knowledge and you’ll get a trip that you will be happy with.

Gran Canaria Fishing: What Fish You Can Catch

  • During the winter – October to April, Gran Canaria fishing by bottom fishing, offers you a chance to catch Thornbacks, Sting Rays, Moray eels, Snapper and Amberjacks.

  • Then May – June is the season for White Marlin, Spearfish, Wahoo, Dorado and other types of Tuna.

  • April – September is the trolling season mainly for Tuna and Bonito. So make sure you book your holiday for Gran Canaria fishing at the right time of year.

Most of the boats are members of the Billfish Foundation. This is a tag and release programme that allows you to all the fun of the catch, without emptying our seas of fish. Our seas need our fish. Hopefully, those pictures of someone standing next to their prize catch hanging next to them are long gone.

The boats carry 50lb, 80lb and 130lb tackle to help you ‘land’ that big one. Videos are often taken and of course, pictures of you battling with the big game. Something to remember the day.

The government of Gran Canaria has published a free guide about all the different species. Click here go to the download page, where you can also see the minimum size chart.

Shore Fishing in Gran Canaria: What You Need and Basic Tips

Officially you need a license to fish off the shore or harbour walls. The Canary Islands fishing license is valid for 3 years, and you can also order it online.

Friends of mine have caught rays but its mainly little fish. But take your rods, sandwiches and some drinks and while away a few hours. You might catch something for your tea. The harbour arms are made up of big boulders, which can be a hassle if you catch your line in between them. 

Also, take care of the snorkelers and divers that like to be around there to see the wildlife. I don’t think either of you would be impressed when a fish hook gets snagged on a wetsuit!

Plenty of fish swimming around are visible from the Puerto Mogan shore.

How to Fry the Fish If You're Staying in a Hotel

After coming back from fishing, the next step you would want to do is to eat the fish. Now, if you are staying at a hotel, then the room will have no kitchen. The solution to this problem is to enter a bar, and ask them how much they will charge you to fry the fish for you. Most of the bars and restaurants will gladly fry the fish for you, for about 5 euros (or less), and then you can buy drinks and desert from them, at the regular price. UPDATE: Not anymore. Health inspectors don't allow this, and now bars and restaurants will probably refuse to do it. So the only way to do is to take it and fry it yourself, in your apartment. :(  

Gran Canaria Fishing Videos

Amazing fish can be caught off the shore of Gran Canaria. Have a look at these video, where they catch a big "Dorado" (mahi-mahi) fish:

This video was taken in January 2018, during a winter day:

Gran Canaria Fishing in the Capital Las Palmas: Where to Go

A few years ago, one of the best places to fish in Las Palmas, was inside the harbour, but now it is forbidden to do it, so people go to the following places:

El Confital beach: If you walk along this beach, on the right side, there is a good area to fish. You will see other people fishing there, and it does get crowded on weekends, with up to 30 people. The good news: everyone fishes something.

Las Canteras beach: This is a popular beach for almost any sport. The best spots are behind the auditorium, at one end of the beach. Another popular spot is the other end, known as "La Puntilla", by the rocks.

If you are unsure, follow the saying, "When in Rome, do as the Romans", i.e. look out for other people fishing. If they are local people, they probably know that spot is good for fishing.

Happy fishing!!!

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