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If you would like to make money without leaving home, you definitely got to read this.  In 2010 I knew a little bit of web designing, but hardly knew much about the other factors required to build a successful web business. Researching through the internet, I heard about Solo Build It!. I bought it, as it required less than a dollar (in my case, Euro) a day, and decided to give it a try. It is a complete system, that takes you by the hand, from being a newbie, to a person who can earn a lot with his or her website. Unlike many internet gurus, they don't try to sell you a different product (or the next biggest thing) every month. The package includes everything, and new tools are added every few weeks.

I will be frank: Solo Build It! is not a get rich fast scheme. It teaches you how to build a business. All those that promise quick riches are trying to rip you off. There is a lot of studying and work to do. The first few months I didn't know what was going on. After I mastered the basics, I built the first page (although it took months), then another, and another. It is like school homework, where you have to spend a couple of hours writing an essay about a certain topic. In my case it is all about Gran Canaria, but you can write about something you are passionate about, or promote your own offline business. Click here to learn how to generate a solid web income from your hobby or from your small business.

Currently this web business is making a steady income. It isn't enough to quit my day job (in my case, a computer wholesale business), but I am sure that I will be able to do it in a year or two. Others have already done it. I personally know a couple of people who make a living because they invested time to develop a website. Some of my friends work from home, in their pyjamas!

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