Gran Canaria Fishing License:
How to Order it

Getting a Gran Canaria fishing license is essential if you want to go shore fishing while on holiday here. Our team will get the work done for you really fast, and send you the document when it is ready. All you need is a Paypal account. Paypal is a fast, reliable, and very secure form of sending funds through the internet. Click here if you don't have an account (opens in a new window).

Fishermen on the rocks of San Cristobal beach in the capital - photo by Gustavo Mendez

Do I REALLY need a shore fishing license in the Canaries?

Yes. There a police body called SEPRONA, which takes care of wildlife. A couple of times a year, they check on all the people fishing around the shore, to make sure they have got the proper license. Those that don't have them, are fined.

Gran Canaria Fishing License: What does the Package include ?

The package includes the following:

1) A member of our team will print out your documents and take them to the local authorities.

2) A scanned copy of the license will be e-mailed to you. Since the beginning of October 2013, the fishing license is printed on a piece of paper, so you no longer need the "physical" license. A scanned copy, or even a photocopy will do. Just make sure everything is legible, i.e. well printed.

3) You can print it, and then cut it out, and put it in your wallet. The license is valid for three years and can be used for all the Canary Islands. Many people ask if there is the possibility of getting a license for a smaller period, but it isn't possible, because there is only one type of licence.

How long does it take ?

Our online service is now available (updated Nov. 2021). The processing time is around a week.

If you're in a hurry, please order this nationwide licence that will also allow you to fish in the Canaries. 

How Much Does it Cost ?

The shore fishing license costs 50 Euros if you order online, but the price goes down if you order more than one license. If you're over 65 years old, you can take advantage of this deal. Ordering online includes administrative charges (waiting in line at the government office, waiting in line at the bank, and then going back to the government office with the bank proof of payment) and Paypal fees. The "fishing from a boat with trolling" license costs 70 euros if you order online.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the shore fishing license is valid for shore fishing on all of the Canaries, and also fishing from a boat (with no trolling), for a period of 3 years. IT IS NOT VALID FOR INLAND FISHING IN THE GRAN CANARIA LAKES. If you want to do freshwater fishing in Gran Canaria, click here to order the inland fishing licence

August 2023 Update: There is a significant delay in the processing of the licences (about 10 days), so please order early.

If you're in a hurry, please order this nationwide licence that will also allow you to fish in the Canaries. 

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Canary Islands Fishing License for Children

We are often asked whether a child fishing with his parent/s is required to have a separate fishing license. The answer is: yes! Legally you are required to have a separate license for your child. Unfortunately, the Canarian government has placed a set of hurdles to make this so difficult to do, that very few tourists have the patience to apply for it. First of all you will need a document that proves that you are the parent of the child, such as a birth certificate. This has to be translated by local translator, signed, stamped by him/her, certifying it's a genuine translation. Most tourists who want to take their kids fishing just risk it, and take them along anyway. After all, they're only going to be doing it a couple of days in the year, and then they will be gone. We discourage to do this, because inspections happen regularly. Click here to read more on how to get a fishing license for your son or daughter.

Gran Canaria Spearfishing Licence

You're allowed to do spearfishing in certain areas of the island. To practice this sport, a Class 2 licence is needed. Click here to read more

Gran Canaria Fishing License Office Contact Details

If you prefer to get the Gran Canaria fishing license yourself, here's the government sea fishing office address:

"Consejeria de Pesca"

Avenida Alcalde José Ramírez Bethencourt, nº22- Edificio Jinamar.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Phone: +34 928 11 75 67 

Opening hours: 9.00-14.00 (except the summer months, which is when they close at 1 o'clock). It is recommended to go early. It does get busy in the summer.

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