Gran Canaria Markets: Teror, Mogan, Arguineguin, San Fernando

There is a coach trip that takes in 3 traditional Gran Canaria markets in one day. This is run on a Sunday but personally I would feel that this would involve a lot of rushing around and not enough browsing. These Gran Canaria markets are at Teror, San Mateo and Santa Brigida.

I have only been to Teror market which has a lot of lovely traditional things and food from the local farms. Fantastic cheeses and if you can, then get some "morcilla dulce." This is black sausage made only in Teror. You can buy in most supermarkets with a deli counter but somehow it feels more special from the market itself. The sausage is sweet, made with almonds. Slice it up and fry it and it makes a delicious tapas. If you have time, take a peek at Teror church. The market is based around the church square and, of course, on a Sunday the church will be busy. Churches here have a different atmosphere. People come and go through the services and its seen as much as a meeting place and somewhere to shelter from the hot sun and well as paying your respects.

There are lots of Gran Canaria markets along the week. One of the most popular would be Mogan market. Its held every Friday. If you don’t feel like driving or taking the bus that’ll go along the wiggly coastal road, then catch a ferry from Arguineguin or Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has two harbours and the ferries take turns, sending out a ferry every hour. So you can catch one every half an hour from either harbour in Puerto Rico. This is a great trip in itself and a quick easy way to see the island from the sea. You will get more of an idea on how the island could have looked before tourism and for the volcano enthusiasts, see some of the rock formations . The ferries run every day and apart from a Friday, then they also have one trip a day that takes you a little further out to sea to see if you can see a dolphin. Check the timetables to see which time this trip is done.

Mogan market has a lot stalls selling leather goods,clothes, football shirts, flamenco dresses for the little girls, and various souvenirs. My mum loves to go and find the ‘cheese man’ and gets a selection of Canarian cheeses.

Arguineguin also has a market on a Tuesday. A lot of the same stall holders as Mogan market but as its based in a car park, it can be easier to wander around and see what’s there.

Another one of the lesser known Gran Canaria markets is a car boot sale on a Saturday where donations are given to Tara (a local charity for rescuing dogs, cats, etc.).

San Fernando has a big market, with the same stall holders as Mogan and Arguineguin but also a lovely flower stall. I know you don’t usually buy flowers on your holidays but it’s a lovely stall to see. There is an inside part to the market where you’ll find fresh fruit and vegetables too. Well worth the trip if its at the beginning of your holiday to stock up on locally grown fruit. Don’t worry if the oranges look a bit misshapen or have green parts on the skin. These have been plucked from the tree the previous day.

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