Agaete in Gran Canaria

Agaete in Gran Canaria is a small fishing village located in the north-western tip of the island. This area is generally sunny, and slightly windy at times. It is generally cooler than the southern parts of the island. The first thing that you will notice when you arrive there are the white buildings.

Agaete's Economy

Agaete's main sources of income are farming, fishing, and of course, tourism. There are foreigners who have settled there. Also, there is a constant flow of people coming and going to Tenerife. Agaete's harbour, which is known as "Puerto de las Nieves," is where you can take the ferry.

This ferry takes you from Agaete in Gran Canaria to Santa Cruz de Tenerife various times a day

Agaete in Gran Canaria: Eating Out

Without a shade of doubt, the experience of eating freshly picked fish in the Puerto de las Nieves promenade restaurants is priceless. Fish served here can’t be fresher, because you’re right next to the harbour, where the fishermen unload their fish. This is what local Gran Canarians go to eat during weekends and other long holidays. You can eat and drink, for hours, and no one will tell you to leave, in the outdoor . That’s the kind of hospitality you get there. If you want to go there to eat, it is better to go on weekdays, as it generally gets crowded during weekends, or reserve a table before reaching. A limited variety of vegetarian, and other types of food, for those who can't eat fish or seafood, is also available.

Recommended food:

Fried fish: Cabrillas (grouper), viejas (parrot fish), salmonetes (red mullet), pulpos (squid)

Fish paella: This is rice with vegetables and fish. For vegetarians, they can give you the rice without the fish.

Fish soup: Known in Spanish as “caldo de pescado,” this is a freshly made soup, ideal for the chilly days.

Goat cheese: Locally produced, with no additives

Gofio: This is maize flour, from which various meals are made.

Papas arrugadas: These are small boiled potatoes with their skin on, and with salt on them. Dip them in the “mojo” sauces, close your eyes, and put them in.

Editor’s note: Eating “papas arrugadas” can be highly addictive, so make sure you go for a walk after your meal ;)

“La Rama” Fiesta

This fiesta takes place once a year, in honor of the local virgin, "Virgen de las Nieves". Thousands of people carrying a palm tree leaf in their hands dance around the village on August 4th, till they reach the church. Watch the video below, and enjoy!


There are small shops on the main street of Puerto de las Nieves where you can buy hand-made crafts, food, clothes, as well as other items. 

Agaete hotels

There are a couple of good hotels in Agaete in Gran Canaria. Two are located right in the town, and the other is a rural hotel in the middle of the valley, for those who are looking to relax completely. 

Hotel Roca Negra: This is a 4 star hotel with a spa. Book now

Hotel Puerto de las Nieves  Book now

Hotel El Cabo: This hotel is ideal for remote workers, and digital nomads. You can book a room for a month, or longer.

Hotel Rural Las Longueras: This colonial cottage, built in late 19th century has been renovated, and is now a rural hotel with a dozen rooms. Surrounded by trees, it is the ideal place to get some rest, or take a nature walk. Book now

How to Get to Agaete

It is very easy to get to Agaete, and roads are straight (no difficult winding roads). All you have to do is get on the motorway and choose the right exit.

From the south: Take the GC-1 towards Las Palmas, then the GC-3, and then the GC-2

From Las Palmas: Take the GC-2

By bus: Take the blue-green coloured Global bus no. 103. Try to choose a bus that doesn’t have its windows covered by publicity, because it is hard to enjoy the scenery if you try to see through the windshield stickers. Sit on the right side to see the villages on the coastline while going, and take photos from the bus. The transit time is about an hour.

Agaete Video

In the video below, taken in 2022, you can see the dramatic landscape of the area, experience the calmness, and watch the ferry in action. Enjoy!

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