Cheap Flight to Gran Canaria: How to Find Yours

If you're looking for a cheap flight to Gran Canaria, when you see an offer, you have to look deeper to see if there are any hidden extras.  Also, there are many websites that don't mention some of the low cost airlines. If you know where to look, there are definitely great bargains available throughout the year. We've made a list of the best and cheapest airlines flying to the Gran Canaria airport.

Norwegian Air: Why We Strongly Recommend Them, for a Cheap Flight to Gran Canaria, and Why You Will Love Them

Some people have still never heard of this airline, but I have full confidence that they are going to become a major player. They have really modern planes, and fly to Gran Canaria from many different destinations across Europe. The best thing, for me, is that during the four or five hours it takes to fly from one place to the other, ONE CAN SURF THE WEB!!!

Yes, you have read correctly: they have wifi onboard. Now the flights aren't going to be boring anymore for those of us addicted to the internet. I can update my Gran Canaria website, or answer e-mails. Their prices are fantastic. You can travel to northern Europe for around 200-270 Euros return, with 1 bag checked-in. London to Gran Canaria only costs 128 Euros return, which is really reasonable, because other airlines like British Airways charge that just for one way. Click here to read our review for Norwegian Air Shuttle flights to Gran Canaria.

Ryanair: Still has good prices

When one is looking for a cheap flight to Gran Canaria, the airline "Ryanair" comes to one's mind. Prices are really competitive, but there are some things that have made people upset in the past. Things like annoying captcha codes on their website, and allowing an extra bag with a laptop have been corrected, but there are some things like charging for everything else that many travellers don't like. I know people who regularly travel with them and if you get used to printing your own boarding pass, and taking the right size trolley, there shouldn't be any problem.

Easyjet: Real Bargains, but They Sell Fast

Although this airline only flies to Gran Canaria from two international airports (London Gatwick, and Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg), prices are great. The earlier you buy, the better. Sometimes prices drop to 19 euros one way, so it is a good idea to look at the rates often. They also have a monthly view of the search results, where you can see the cheapest prices for the whole year.

Vueling: The Spanish Low Cost Airline

This Spanish low cost airline can be useful if you want to break your trip at Barcelona El Prat airport, because there are no direct flights from European cities to Gran Canaria.

The German Airlines

I really love German airlines because they are very straight forward. Although prices may seem a little high, there are no hidden extras and the price you pay includes everything. By "everything" I mean a checked-in bag, a hot meal, not one or two, but 3 drinks (hot or cold) served during the flight. No need to print your boarding pass, and no fuss for hand luggage. The best German airlines currently flying to Gran Canaria are Condor, Air Berlin, and Tui Fly. For 100-150 euros extra, Condor gives you extra comfort by leaving an empty seat next to you, on some flights. This category is known as Premium Economy. On Tuifly, a return cheap flight to Gran Canaria, costs around 300 euros, during special offers, which they do various times a year (30-40% off on normal prices).

Skyscanner: A Search Tool Worth Using

UK Skyscanner 125 x 125

If you don't have to fly on fixed dates, I recommend that you go to each airline's website and check out the best deals. If you have to travel on specific dates, then the best option is to use the Skyscanner website, which many times uses combinations of the above low cost airlines, to come up with the cheapest option. Click on the button on the left to open a new window.

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