Useful Information About Gran Canaria: What You Must Know Before Coming

Check out this useful information about Gran Canaria, before coming, and you will save time and money. First we will mention the really important stuff, and then the rest.

Information About Gran Canaria: Useful Phone Numbers

112 for Emergencies: This is the most important phone number you will ever have to remember. It is the all-in-one emergency phone number, and the operators speak many languages. You can call the police, an ambulance, or even the fire brigade through this number.

Stolen Credit Cards:

Visa: 900-99-1124 (Freephone from Spain. You might have to dial 0034 before)

MasterCard: 900-97-1231 (Freephone from Spain. You might have to dial 0034 before)

Tourist Information

There are plenty of places where you can get tourist information. One of them is located inside a picturesque cottage in the center of Parque Santa Catalina, near the cruise ship harbour. This is where the town hall has its offices as well, and because of that, the top floor is kept closed during most part of the year, except for certain special days like "Tourism Day". Click here to read more about the "Casa del Turismo" or "Tourism House".

Water and Electricity

Tap water is not suitable for drinking. You will need to buy bottled water from the nearest supermarket. The best brands are "Lanjaron" and "Font Vella", and come in 1.5 liter bottles and up. Each bottle costs around 0.65€. If you buy a 5 liter bottle, there is definitely a saving. A "Fonteror" (local brand) 5 liter bottle costs around one Euro.

The electricity voltage is 220-230V. The sockets are for two round pin plugs. If you have anything else, you will have to bring, or buy an adapter.

Computers and Internet Problems

Most hotels have Wifi, some for free, other charge for it. In some cases where the Wifi is not so good, you might consider buying a SIM card to save on huge data roaming charges. We recommend Yoigo as it is the most reasonable operator. They have shops in most towns of Gran Canaria.

If your computer breaks down or gets a virus, you can either wait to get home and get it fixed, or take it to one of our recommended techies. Many of them keep stock for important parts and can quickly change things like broken screens, dead batteries, etc.

Currency: Euros. There are plenty of banks to exchange other currency notes. Most hotels also can exchange for you.

Climate: Around 20 degrees Centigrade all year round. World's best weather.

Language: Spanish is the national language of Spain, and the only one that is spoken in Gran Canaria.

Airport: Gran Canaria has a modern airport located on the eastern side of the island, next to the GC-1 motorway. Click here to read more information about Gran Canaria airport and its facilities, shops, and restaurants.

Health: To receive free medical attention, you will have to present the European Health Insurance Card. If you forget to bring it, you will have to pay all the bills, and then go and claim them back when you arrive in your country. Click here to read about safely sunbathing in Gran Canaria

Buy Medicines: Medicines are only sold in pharmacies, even those that don't require a prescription, like Aspirin or Paracetamol. If you want to buy antibiotics, a doctor's prescription is required, which the pharmacy will keep, and give you back a photocopy, if necessary. There are plenty of pharmacies on the island, and they take turns for night duty.

Supermarkets: Plenty of them available in all towns. Mercadona, Alcampo, and Carrefour are the ones with the best prices.

Scams: Read our useful tips on how to avoid them.

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