Gran Canaria Bus Station: San Telmo

The main Gran Canaria bus station of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is located opposite Parque San Telmo. It is just a five minute walk away from the main street, "Calle Triana", and easily accessible by taxi, or public bus.   

The Three Places Where Buses Stop

Bus stops have been placed in three different areas:

  • The underground: This is where you will find all the blue buses that go from the station to other parts of the island. It is the main part of the station where all the platforms, seating arrangement, and facilities are located.
  • Rafael Cabrera street bus stop: This is literally on top of (the underground) bus station. Yellow municipal buses that are heading towards the northern and other parts of the capital such as the auditorium at the end of Las Canteras beach, will stop there. Here are a few examples: line 17 that is going towards the auditorium, lines 1 or 12 heading that are going towards the Puerto area.
  • Avenida Marítima bus stop: This is located behind the bus station, facing the sea. Yellow munipal buses that are heading south will stop there. Here are a few examples: line 1 (which starts and ends from the north of the capital area called "Puerto") or line 17 (which starts and ends at the Auditorium next to Las Arenas Shopping Centre) that end at the "Teatro" terminal, or line 12 that starts at the "Puerto" terminal and goes towards the Hospital Insular.

Most people arriving for the first time on the island may find understanding the three parts of the bus station a little confusing. Let's look at them with more details, and a few examples of the most popular lines that we recommend taking. 

One of the 3 entrances of the San Telmo Bus Station

Gran Canaria Bus Station: Underground

Inside the underground San Telmo bus station

The underground part of the main bus station is where all the action is. Buses are parked in platforms. People sit on benches or stand around until the door of the bus opens a few minutes before departure time. 

In 2022 we have seen renovation work going on. Now it has TV screens, that show the departure times of the next buses. The toilets have been revamped. 

Bus Station Tips

Punctuality: The blue buses are quite punctual. Each bus has its own clock. This clock may show the wrong time, i.e. be off by a couple of minutes. So a bus may leave earlier than it's supposed to. Try to be at the stop early.

Entering the bus station: To avoid getting hit by a bus, the management of the bus station, has placed signs. They discourage people from entering or exiting the station from the same places that buses do. The footpath over there is tiny and no one was using it.

What Else Can You Find at the San Telmo Bus Station?

Besides plenty of people and buses, there are a few shops:

Tourist information office

Bus ticket sales office

A newsagent

A coffee shop where you can have pastries and sandwiches

A small convenience store where you can buy drinks, candy, souvenirs, etc.

Gran Canaria Bus Station: Avenida Marítima Bus Stop

A view of the outdoor Avenida Marítima bus stop

This bus stop is located in the back side, and on top of the main bus station. It has many benches. People who want to go to catch other buses will arrive in lines 12, 17, and other lines. They will get off, and then go down. The stairs and ramp, to access the underground, are right there.  

Gran Canaria Bus Station: Santa Catalina

This smaller bus station is located under Parque Santa Catalina. Some buses will start from there and then pick up passengers from the San Telmo bus station. On the way back, they stop first at San Telmo and then end at Santa Catalina. Not all buses go to this station, so please check the itinerary of the bus.

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