Gran Canaria Blue Buses (Global)

The Gran Canaria blue buses are operated by the public Global company. They cover the routes from main towns and villages of the island. The buses are modern, clean, punctual, and affordable. It is an equal opportunity company. The workers are also partners and get a share of the profits.

Their fleet has been renovated. Their buses are modern, ready for the 21st century. This is what you’ll see when you get on one of them:

  • ATM machines: Drivers accept credit cards as well as cash.
  • Information screens: Here you can see the itinerary and the upcoming stops in English and Spanish. Other useful information and publicity are also displayed.
  • Security cameras
  • USB ports above each seat, to charge your devices while you’re on the go.
  • Air conditioning
  • Anti-covid dispenser: This is located at the entrance of each bus. All buses are disinfected daily.
  • Limited bus stops: This makes your journey faster than if you take the yellow municipal buses (for routes in the capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).
Photo of the credit card machine that all the Gran Canaria blue buses have onboard

Gran Canaria blue buses: Helpful tips

  • In the summer, sit on the side that doesn't get sunny
  • Sit next to a window that doesn't have publicity on it. You can't enjoy  viewing the landscape as you would if you have a clean window seat.
  • Always ring the bell if you’re going to get off at the next stop. Do this before the stop, not just last-second, so that the driver knows that he/she has to stop.
  • Download their mobile app
  • Spanish words you might have to use: Guagua Global (Global bus), Estación de Guaguas (Bus station).

Gran Canaria Blue Buses' Mobile App

This bus company has an app that you can download on your phone. Just search for "GuaguasGLOBAL" for Android or iOs on their respective stores. If you're unable to find it, here's the link (Opens in a new window).

Although this app has minor glitches, and has received a three-star rating, it still is helpful to plan your route. It is in English. It won't allow you to buy a ticket online, yet. Some of the links take you nowhere, and display a "connection error" message. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:

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