Maspalomas to Las Palmas bus

The Maspalomas to Las Palmas bus is  operated by the company called “Global”, that operates the blue buses. There are various bus lines that will take you there. The main difference is the number of stops and the frequency. The fastest lines are 30 and 50. The slowest ones are lines 01 and 05 which stop almost in every village along the way.

Line 30

Line 30 is one of the most popular lines. It makes few stops after it leaves the south, and you can get to the capital in less than an hour

How Much Does It Cost

The onboard ticket, which you can buy from the driver, costs 5.60-6.25 euros, depending on whether you get off at the San Telmo bus station or the Santa Catalina one. This will get you from Maspalomas or Playa del Inglés to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. If you want to use the bus a lot, then you might be interested in applying for the TransGC card. You can check out the full rates and how much you would save, by going to the bus fare calculator page. (Opens in a new window)

Maspalomas to Las Palmas bus: Where to get off

This bus makes a few stops in the capital city of the island. These are the most relevant ones:

Teatro: If you want to see the old town and the main street (Triana), this is the place to get off. It is also convenient for those who prefer not to walk much to get a taxi. The taxi rank is located next to the bus stop. 

San Telmo: This is the main bus stop. It is located underground and you will need to walk a couple of minutes to come out, e.g. to get to the taxi rank, or go to the yellow bus stops located on top.

Club Naútico: If you want to visit the main department store (El Corte Ingles) and shops around it like Zara, get off here and use the overhead flyover to cross the road. The flyover is conveniently located next to this bus stop.

Parque Santa Catalina: The bus line ends here, except for a couple of buses that end in the San Telmo bus stop. 

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Line 50: Super Faro, the Super Fast Maspalomas to Las Palmas Bus (Recommended)

This bus is the fastest option if you want to go from Maspalomas to Las Palmas, and back. That's why it's known as "Super Faro", which means "Super Lighthouse." It makes very few stops. If you're staying near the bus stops, or willing to walk a little, it is worth it. Check out the timetable because it only runs during the mornings and evenings. The last bus leaves Las Palmas at 17:05; it leaves from Maspalomas at 18:05.

Line 50 Bus Stops

  • Maspalomas Lighthouse (Faro de Maspalomas)
  • Cruce de Faro
  • Cruce El Tablero
  • Urbanización Koala
  • San Fernando
  • El Veril
  • Hospital Insular
  • San Telmo (Main Bus Station)

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