Las Palmas Aquarium, Poema del Mar: A Detailed Tour

Let’s take a deeper look at what you can expect to see at the Las Palmas Aquarium, Poema del Mar. The aquarium is split into two main sections, the jungle and the deep sea. 

Las Palmas Aquarium: The Jungle

First, we discover the jungle. As you enter Poema del Mar you walk through a cave and then travel up an elevator that opens into a large space full of trees and natural light. You immediately know this is no ordinary aquarium. Care has been taken to replicate the sights and sounds of the jungle. The centre piece is a large cascading waterfall and as you walk around, you discover many species of water and land. This includes parakeets, chameleons, electric eels and tigerfish with their sharp teeth. The path continues behind the waterfall and across a rickety bridge and here you find many more animals such as pig-nose turtles, crocodiles, exotic frogs, piranhas and scorpions. 

The Deep Sea Exhibition 

Once you are happy to leave the excitement of the jungle behind, you then enter a very different space. The sound of the waterfall fades away and you are in a deep blue space that feels as if you have travelled under water. The sound has now been replaced with soft classical music and you are faced with a tall cylinder aquarium. As you watch the ribbontail stingray, zebra shark and other fish swim, you can understand the choice of name for the aquarium, Poema del Mar, which translates to "Poem of the Sea". The music matched with the movement of the fish and the sunlight passing through the water feels very poetic. 

The route takes you up past the cylinder aquarium with colourful coral reef and out into a small section known as "The Beach". Here you can see turtles swimming in tanks. Then travel back into the deep sea and walk through the first of two aquarium tunnels.

After this you reach the largest fish tank of Poema del Mar. The sight of it is impressive. The largest window of the tank is found in a huge room with sparkling fairy lights on the ceiling and large black round sofas. Again, the soothing classical music is playing, and you can take your time to relax and watch over 30 species of fish that live within the tank, including sharks and stingrays. The music with the cool blue lighting, this could quite possibly be the most relaxing place in Gran Canaria.

Moving on, you now come to see crustaceans such as lobsters and crabs, and then the small delicate marine life, such as the seahorse and the jellyfish. Here you can take some wonderful pictures as the tanks are lit with different coloured lights. This shines through the floating jellyfish creating different coloured effects.

Finally, you pass through the last aquarium tunnel housing long whiskered catfish and giant stingray. Sadly all too soon the visit has ended and you pass through the gift shop on your way out.

Poema del Mar Rating: 5 Stars

After visiting Poema del Mar, the Las Palmas aquarium, we have decided to give it five stars because of the following reasons:

  • The details with the sights and sounds bring the aquarium to life
  • An immersive experience for the whole family
  • The colours and lighting allow you to take great photos of the fish
  • The aquarium is large with big open spaces letting you take your time without feeling rushed
  • Finally, it is in a fantastic location, right by Las Palmas Cruise Ship Port, and close to Santa Catalina Bus Station. 
  • Visit and help the environment! The Las Palmas aquarium is part of the Loro Parque Group, whose foundation supports the conservation of wildlife.

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