Gran Canaria Real Estate Agency: Cony Overseas (RE/MAX)

Alejandro Zwanck opened his Gran Canaria real estate office back in 1995. Cony Overseas is part of the RE/MAX franchise, and is the first RE/MAX to open in Europe, that is still operating. His team is made up of 18 highly motivated and dynamic realtors. Whenever I visit them, they are always running around and on the go. They have undergone a screening process and have to abide by a code of conduct. Most of them have been rewarded by RE/MAX Spain as top realtors, for whole Spain. Because of their professional standards, Alejandro and his team have survived where dozens of other agencies have had to shut down.

This is a list of the services they offer:

- Management and advice in the purchase and sale of property

- Valuation of properties

- Financial advice

- Development of a specific marketing plan for the sale of properties

- Legal advice

- Sale of foreclosures (they have good contacts with the banks)

- Rent out properties

- Sale of property and management of tenants. They sell you the house, rent out the property, and manage the tenants for you. This is an alternative investment in property. For example, if you buy a house for 60,000 euros and rent it out for 450 euros , that's a 9% return on investment. You might have to spend a little on renovating it; the average return is something around 6-7%, but it's still a good return.

- Advice on properties located anywhere where there is a RE/MAX office

Types of properties that the Cony Overseas team manage:

- Flats (The best selling property. Good ones start out at €100,000 Updated Dec. 2012)

- Bungalows

- Villas

- Luxury Properties

To check out some great houses in Gran Canaria, click here.

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Above is a picture of Alejandro and me taken in his office.

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