Alcaravaneras Beach: A City Beach With Lots To Do

Alcaravaneras beach is one of the city beaches of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Although for many years it was banned to swim there, because of contamination problems, now it is OK to swim and sunbathe there. This beach gets crowded when there are jellyfish in the other city beach, Las Canteras. It is popular among local Gran Canarians families, and it is rare to see tourists here.

Alcaravaneras Gran Canaria beach

This beach’s shoreline is 550 meters long and about 85 meters wide. The sand is golden and the harbour, which is located on the left of the beach, protects the waters from strong waves.

Alcaraveras beach in Gran Canaria

This beach is very popular among the beach volleyball players, and there are nets permanently placed there for anyone who wants to play. Other facilities that this beach has are: toilets and showers, swings and sleds for kids, a basketball court, a hot dog, drinks, and icecream shop. There are no sunbeds for rent.

Beach volley at the Alcaravaneras Gran Canaria beach

This beach’s promenade is very popular among those who want to go for a daily walk, and it goes on for several kilometers. This promenade also has a two way bicycle lane.

Avenida Maritima promenade in Gran Canaria

The university of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has a kayak training centre here, although they sometimes also use the Canteras beach for their courses. For more information, go to their website (website in Spanish, opens in a new window) to check out the schedule and prices of their different courses and events.

If you have the Gran Canaria University card (all students have it) you will get discounted rates on all courses. Rates for non-students are also reasonably priced, starting out at 12 euros.

In this video you can see their kayak store-room on the beach, and how the teachers show students the basics of kayaking.

Here is a video of one of their courses held at the Canteras beach:

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