Siete Palmas Shopping Centre: One of the Best in the Capital

The Siete Palmas shopping centre is an excellent place to go, look around, have lunch, or even buy things. The variety, and the quality of the shops located there, makes it worth visiting. It is located in the southwestern part of the capital city, in a neighbourhood known as Siete Palmas (which means “seven palms”), which is away from the places tourists visit in the city centre. This mall opened in the year 2002, and in its modern facilities, you will find four floors with 90 shops. UPDATE 2017: Many quality shops have shut down and moved to the Alisios shopping centre.

Siete Palmas Shopping Centre: Shops

In this mall, you can buy plenty of different items, such as:

Groceries: At the mall you can do your grocery shopping in one of the best Spanish supermarkets, Mercadona. 

Clothing: World-class clothes shops can be found here too: Cortefiel, etc.

Sports: The Sports Zone store has a big variety of sports gear, etc. 

Technology: If you are a fan of technology, you will see many shops where you can browse and check out the latest mobile phones, portable drives, computers, cameras, and many more products. The German Media Markt technology superstore is located there, as well as few smaller mobile phone shops. Tip: thoroughly inspect all electronic items before paying for them (even if they seem newly packed). Sometimes items returned by customers are re-packed and put back on shelves. Update: This shop has moved to the new Alisios shopping centre.

Luggage: There is a nice luggage, and ladies' handbags shop at the entrance, called "Paco Martinez". We recommend it, because the suitcases are reasonably priced, you can buy quality brands like American Tourister, and the attention you will get from the staff is excellent.

Paco Martinez has quality bags at the right price

Other Things to Do at the Siete Palmas Shopping Mall

Eat: Good cuisine options are available here: cafes, fast food restaurants and franchises (i.e. McDonald’s) will keep your stomach happy.

Events: The centre organizes events, mostly in the weekend, to attract people. Check out their Facebook page (opens in a new window, and is only in Spanish language) for more information.

Cinema: Their cinema has plenty of halls, that show all the latest hit movies, but all are in Spanish.

Paddle tennis courts and a gym are located on the top floor.

View of El Corte Ingles and its Hypermarket Hipercor from the Entrance of the Siete Palmas Mall

El Corte Ingles: When you’re done with this mall, all you have to do, is come out, cross the road, and go inside the “El Corte Ingles” building. This is a smaller version of the department store located on the other side of the city, in Mesa y Lopez (2 buildings there versus only one here), but the supermarket, known as “Hipercor,” is really big.

When to Visit

Shops are open from 10.00-22.00 Mondays to Saturdays, except for certain Sundays, and holidays near Christmas. Click here to see the exact holiday dates on which they will be open this year.

Restaurants and others are open every day. 

This shopping centre gets crowded on weekends, and if there is a major sports event that day. The main football field, and basketball arena, are located just a couple of blocks behind it. People go to have dinner, or drinks, after the match. 

How to Get to the Siete Palmas Shopping Centre

Although this shopping mall is located away from the city center, it is easy to get there. There is a motorway that goes around the capital city. It will take you there fast, even if you are coming from the south of the island, and is known as the GC-3.

By Car

If you have a car, or have rented one, all you have to do, is to get on the GC-1 motorway from the south, and then the GC-3. When the GC-1 is about to end (if you’re coming from the south), it divides into two roads: the one on the left will take you to this shopping center, while the one on the right will take you to the city. We strongly encourage you to use the Google GPS map on your smartphone, to make things really easy. 

Parking is another of the strengths of this mall: in its four underground levels, finding a free space is easy and fast. 1500 cars fit inside.

By Taxi

Taking a cab is another way of getting to this centre. A taxi rank is located at the door, where taxis are always available.

By Public Bus

If you want to see the city and take a bus ride, you have various options:

- Coming from the south: If you are in Puerto Rico, take the Global line bus number 91 to the San Telmo bus station. From Maspalomas or Playa del Ingles, take the Global line bus number 30 to the San Telmo bus station. From there, you can take yellow bus number 91 which will leave you right at the door.

- From the capital: If you’re staying in Las Palmas, near the other bus terminal (Santa Catalina), you have two yellow buses you can take. Line 44 is fast, and hardly makes any stops. Line 45 is the slow one, and will also get you there, but with plenty of stops on the way. 

Contact Information

Centro Comercial Siete Palmas

Avenida Pintor Felo Monzón, 44

35019, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Opens in a new window)


Telephone: +34 928 42 41 68

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