El Muelle Shopping Centre - Centro Comercial "El Muelle"

El Muelle Shopping Centre is located in the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a short walk from the Santa Catalina park, inside the harbour (the word “muelle” means “harbour” in Spanish). In this medium size shopping centre, you will find nice open air restaurants and bars, which face the harbor, and also have good views of the city. There are some nice shops too, and a supermarket. Free parking, limited to 3 hours, is available throughout the year. 

It is conveniently located for tourists arriving on cruise ships (a 3-minute walk, you can't miss it, because if you want to go anywhere, you will pass in front of it). If you look at this shopping centre from the outside, it seems like the various decks of a cruise ship, and that is why it probably was chosen as the best European shopping centre back in 2003 when it opened. That was back then; few shops are open on higher floors, except for the outdoor eating and drinking places. Some activities are held at this shopping mall to attract shoppers.

Recommended Stores in El Muelle Shopping Centre

This mall has about a dozen shops on the ground floor, 2 shops on the first floor, and a handful of places to eat on the top floors. Here is a selection of the best ones:

Supermarket: HiperDino (3000m2 area, opened in October 2014). It is conveniently located for cruise ship passengers to buy food, and drinks, and walk back to the ship with the bags (few minutes walk). It gets busy, especially on Sundays.

Luxury Items: FundGrube offers a selection of perfumes, cosmetics, watches, sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, bags, and other high end items, in a 500m2 store.

Clothing shops: Cortefiel, C&A

Electrical goods: Worten (on the first floor) is a large store where you can get all kinds of electrical goods.

Sports shops: Estadio Sport

In "El Muelle" you can find  restaurants, such as:  
- Fast food (McDonald’s & Burger King)

- Kebab

Other interesting things:

- Cinema on top floor (all movies in Spanish)
- Free parking for 3 hours

"El Muelle" Shopping Mall Details

There is a taxi stand in front of the shopping centre. Bare in mind that taxi rates are slightly higher if you take a taxi from here, because the taxi stand is located inside the harbour. If you walk across to Parque Santa Catalina (5 minute walk), and take a taxi from there, you can save some euros.

Opening Hours: 10.00 to 22.00 hours (shops) and 10.00 to 2.00 hours (bars & restaurants). McDonald's is open 24 hours a day.

Muelle de Santa Catalina s/n
35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

GPS Location of El Muelle Shopping Centre:
Latitude: 28° 8'30.22"N
Longitude: 15°25'42.00"O

To learn more, check out their website and their Facebook page.

You can enjoy breath-taking views of the harbour, and the city, while you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee

El Muelle Shopping Centre Review: Who it is For

This medium-sized shopping centre is recommended for cruise ship passengers. The ship’s dock is just a few minutes’ walk from its location. This makes it convenient for those who don’t want to walk much and be within close walking distance of their ship.  Most visitors (even residents) go to the supermarket, while others can buy perfumes, souvenirs, magazines, etc., from other shops. 

Fundgrube has a selection of luxury goods at great prices

Having coffee or lunch in the outdoor restaurants (with great views) is another option for those who want to walk around Santa Catalina square and still be near the harbour. It is the perfect place to sit down after lunch and enjoy the fantastic view of the harbour and city. If you go to one of the fast food restaurants like McDonald’s or Burger King, you can stay there for hours. No one will tell you to leave.

The main drawback of this mall is the limited selection of shops. Besides the nice shops in the ground floor (and a few on the first floor), there is little to see in the remaining floors. The new aquarium next to it was supposed to pump some life in it, but the results haven’t been as expected. This will probably change in the future, when proper management is in place. During the last few years, the owners had to give it up to the banks, since they were unable to pay back the loans. The mall has changed owners 6 times.

Shops on the First Floor

On the first floor there are just two stores. Both are medium-sized. Domy Home is a household items shop worth visiting.

Worten is an electronics shop with a wide selection of items.

Shopping Centre Rating


Update (February 2023): The mall is a little run down. The management and new tenants are waiting to get a permit extension so that it can stay open for another 10-25 years. Some authorities don't think that it should, since it is located inside the harbour. Once the permit is extended, a thorough renewal will take place.

Tips for Visiting El Muelle Shopping Centre

The ground floor is where all the action is. That's where you'll find the supermarket, the gift shops, etc.

Have a coffee on the 2nd floor and relax with the breathtaking views of the harbour.

Advantages of this centre:

  • Conveniently located just minutes away from where the cruises dock
  • Fantastic views of the city and harbour. Great for taking photos.
  • Well-stocked supermarket
  • Fast-food restaurants' tables where you can stay for hours
  • Safe environment inside
  • Free book exchange service where you can leave and pick up used books
  • Huge gym on the top floors where you can train

Disadvantages of this centre:

  • Limited selection of shops
  • A little run down until the new permits get issued. Then everything will be fixed and new shops will open

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