Maspalomas Beach: One of the World's Best Beaches

The Maspalomas beach is another jewel in the crown of Gran Canaria. It is located south of the island, in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. It is a perfect place to enjoy a few hours relaxing in the company of friends or family, for an ideal tourist stay. You will see it in all the guide books and Gran Canaria ads. Even other tourist authorities (generally from the neighboring island of Tenerife) use its photos, to mislead tourists to think that this fantastic beach is on another island. 

This year it has again been awarded the Blue Flag beach quality status. Also, this time, it has been chosen as one of the best European beaches, with this quality flag.

The Maspalomas beach is bordered by the sea and the Special Nature Reserve of Dunas de Maspalomas (Maspalomas sand dunes), a protected enclave for its environmental quality natural features which all together in the only place across Europe. This qualification is aimed at preserving the natural habitat and biodiversity and geophysical characteristics.

At its western border, the beach is limited by the “La Charca de Maspalomas” (Maspalomas Pond), another of the places protected by the Nature Reserve and contains a varied fauna and vegetation characteristics of the area. La Charca de Maspalomas is a natural lagoon separated from the sea by a small stretch of sand that naturally opens up during seasons of heavy rain or when the tides are strong.

The sand on the beach of Maspalomas is golden and has the best characteristics of quality and cleanliness of the whole island. It is soft and easy to remove once you finish the day at the beach. Its waters vary depending on the area of the beach where you are located, although the water is clean and with a high salt level throughout the beach. If you're further north, waves from the north are stronger, and you should take special care when swimming, although a swim near the shore should not worry. This feature is very popular with surfers in many days of the year is then used to ride the waves. The westernmost part of the beach of Maspalomas, has less waves.

Video of the Maspalomas Beach

Our friend from Finland took this nice video with his DJI Phantom drone in February 2015. Great job!

A great landmark on the Maspalomas beach is the lighthouse, which in the past used to guide sailors. From la Charca de Maspalomas, one can walk on the promenade in two directions. You can head north or you can head west. If you head west you will pass all the different resorts. If you love walking or jogging, you will enjoy both of these routes. If you enjoy shopping or eating, you will see plenty of shops and restaurants that offer international and typical Canarian food.

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