Gran Canaria Fishing Trips and Holidays

If you don’t want to worry about getting the fishing license, permission, driving, etc., we recommend  . First of all, they are extremely helpful and know what they’re doing. Their business has been going steady since the last 14 years, and have all the required insurance and permits, to take tourists around on their day trips. Their night carp-fishing trip is 100% legal. Why We Recommend Them

  1. Full inclusive service: From doing the necessary paperwork to get the licenses before tourists get to the island, to providing everything necessary to have a great fishing experience, like fishing rods. You can take your own flies and lures.
  2. Various types of trips: You can choose between day trips (where they will come and pick you up from your hotel) or holidays, where you can stay near the lakes and enjoy a full fishing experience.
  3. Respect for the surroundings: Not only do they leave everything better than before they reached there, but they encourage everyone else to do it too. They take care of the lake, the fish, the land, and the environment as a whole.
  4. Reputed and established business: Dave and Alison have been fishing in the lakes since 25 years, and take hundreds of visitors to fish, every month. They also organize fishing holidays in camping areas next to the lakes. Click here to read the reviews on Tripadvisor. Lakeside Villas

For a full fresh-water fishing experience, you can stay in the villa with a view to the lake. In the 15 minute video below, you can watch an interview with Dave, and learn more about carp fishing. He also shows you the villas. Contact Form

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If you have any questions, or want to book a holiday, or day trip with you can fill the form below, and Alison will get back to you in lightning-fast speed. Contact Details

Dave and Alison can be reached via the above contact form, by phone, Facebook, Twitter.


Phone: (+34)  637 939 680


Twitter: @canarycarpfish

DISCLAIMER: We do make some beer-money by recommending their service, if someone books one of their day trips or holidays. Honestly, it is hard to find anyone better right now providing a such a dedicated service.

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