El Corte Ingles Discount Card: How It Works

El Corte Ingles Discount Card is offered to all the tourists visiting the island. All you have to do is visit the tourist counter inside the shop, with your passport or driver’s license, and within minutes, you will be given a card. Every time you buy something, present it, and the 10% of the amount you spend, will be added there. It might seem a bit difficult to understand how the discount, which is really paid in store credit, works, but we're here to help. The validity of the card, once issued, is only a week.

El Corte Ingles Discount Card: Practical Advice on How Not to Leave Money on the Table

Once you have got your discount card, you can start shopping around. Here are few tips on making the most of it:

  1. Have a list of items you want to buy.
  2. Before buying anything, ask the salesperson, whether that item qualifies for the discount. On the leaflet that they will give you with the card, you will be able to read that some sections, like the supermarket, some perfumes, etc., do not qualify for the discount.
  3. Enjoy your shopping experience, and look around. The department store in Mesa y Lopez, has two buildings, located in front of each other. One is for fashion items such as clothing, and the other is for household items, and electronics.
  4. Every time you pay for something, and present the card, you will get a slip, with the current balance of the card.
  5. When you’re almost done shopping, have a look at the balance, and get your calculator out (or tell the salesperson to add the items for you, before you pay). Let’s say you have 12 euros balance on the card. You’re about to spend 100 euros on 10 pieces of underwear. The average person would pay for the underwears, and tell the clerk to apply the 12 euros on that. But, you aren’t an average person (because you’re reading this). You would pay for 8 under wears (80 euros), get 8 euros discount added to your card (which had a balance of 12 euros). With 20 euros on the discount card, you get two underwears for free. Normally it doesn’t work out exactly, but you get the idea: the last item has to be worth almost the amount you have stored on the card throughout your shopping spree, otherwise, you’re leaving money on the table ;)

We hope that this has clarified the process of getting the discount and how it works. Try to choose a time when it isn't too busy, so that the staff available can help you out with your purchasing. You will also need their help to add the items you are about to pay, when you have decided to finish shopping.

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