Canary Islands Shore Fishing License for Children

A separate Canary Islands shore fishing license is required, if you want to go fishing with your child, for him or her. Additional translated documentation is required to process this, which discourages most people, because of the longer processing time, and higher fees. So, many parents (generally fathers with their sons) just risk it. After all, they will be fishing for a couple of days in the year, and they will not be back again for some time. We discourage this, so we've made a list of what you need to get the license.

Canary Islands Shore Fishing License for Kids: Document list

The following documents are required to process a shore fishing license for a child, under the legal age of 18 years. You can pick up all the forms at the fishing license office, or download them online. If you’re lucky, and have got the birth certificate translated, the whole thing can take about two hours to do, or less, if there is no rush, and no standing in line at the bank and at the fishing office.

Application form: Easy and straight forward to fill out.

Authorization form: This is where you give permission to get documents for your child.

Tax payment form: Known as “modelo 700”, you can either download it from the fishing website, and go to the bank, and pay the fees, or you can go to the fishing office and they will fill it out for you (after you have waited in line to get it), and you can go to the bank, pay, and then go back to the fishing office, wait in line again, and get the license.

Birth certificate copy

Birth certificate certified translation: This is what makes it impractical to get the license fast. Local certified translators typically charge 30 euros per translation. Some of them can deliver in a few days, while others take a week. 

Why is a Certified Birth Certificate Translation Required ?

Although English is understood by most government officers, the main reason is to make it fair for people of other nationalities. The (extreme) examples that I was given was, “what if a Chinese or Russian person turns up?” So, to make things equal for all, everyone who wants to get a license for a child has to produce this certified translation. For Spanish nationals, it is much easier. Each family has a book called “libro de familia” where the authorities go on adding the family members, and also, all the data is in the local language, Spanish.

Father-Son (or Daughter) Package

If you want to avoid the hassle of standing in lines, and looking for a certified translator, we can get the job done for you.

What does the package include ?: 

2 licenses at 40 euros each: 80 euros

1 certified translation of the birth certificate: 30 euros 

Total: 110 euros

Maximum processing time: 10 days, depending on the work load of the translation company.

Please fill the form below to order your parent-child shore fishing license, which is valid for 3 years on all the Canaries.

Parent-Child Canary Islands Shore Fishing License Order Form

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