Gran Canaria Lidl Supermarket Review

The Gran Canaria Lidl supermarket , with its unique blend of Spanish and international products, is a shopping experience unlike any other on the island. While we initially expected a store filled solely with German food and products, we were pleasantly surprised to find a diverse range of items. The aisles were not just filled with Spanish shoppers but also a few Germans, adding to the multicultural atmosphere.

Gran Canaria Lidl Supermarket Tip: Download Their Mobile App

We highly recommend using the Lidl mobile app for a convenient shopping experience at their supermarkets in Gran Canaria. This tool updates you with the latest offers and provides easy access to discount coupons. Select the 'Canary Islands' option during registration to receive the most relevant deals. 

As you approach the cashier to pay, open your app and point the screen towards the QR code. If you've linked your credit/debit card to their app, you can also enable contactless payment or pay in cash and use it to receive coupons, etc.

One of the shopping strategies we discovered is to keep a close watch on the weekly offers, particularly in the 'bazaar' section. This section, which includes ladies' clothing, tools, and other household items, is a hot spot for bargain hunters and tends to sell out quickly. If you're interested in these items, visiting the supermarket during the first hour of the offer is best, usually on a Monday at 9 a.m. We made the mistake of visiting on a Monday afternoon, and most exciting items were already gone by then. We spoke to shoppers who visit the supermarket often. They told us many people who buy the items on offer want to re-sell them in markets or convenience stores. Some Chinese shopkeepers have been seen filling up whole shopping carts with just one item on offer, like olive oil, which they can easily re-sell in their shops.

Once items on offer are sold, you may have to wait until they come back on the catalogue again, unless they've got a little extra stock in the warehouse. This can take weeks. So, as the saying goes, the early bird gets its worm.



  • Medium size. You can see the whole shop calmly within 20 minutes.
  • Plenty of parking spots available in their garage
  • Mostly sells own brands
  • Huge variety of frozen food items
  • Friendly staff
  • Weekly offers that out-compete other supermarkets' prices
  • Almost a dozen locations spread out around the island


  • Some items on offer sell out fast and aren't replenished
  • Very limited staff to ask for help
  • Not in the city centre
  • Limited variety

Gran Canaria Lidl Supermarket Locations

This supermarket has 11 stores that are spread out across the island.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has 3 shops:

  • Avda. Juan Carlos I, s/n
  • Carretera del Norte 163
  • Hermanos Domínguez Santana s/n

Telde has another 3 stores:

  • Avda. Víctor Jara, s/n
  • C/ Ignacio Ellacuría Beascoechea, 3
  • Avda. Farmacéutica Pino López s/n

Carrizal: C/ Viera y Clavijo 55

Arinaga: Calle de la Fresadora s/n

Vecindario: Calle Fernando Guanarteme 100

San Fernando de Maspalomas: C/ Alcalde Enrique Jorge s/n

Galdar: P.I. San Isidro El Viejo s/n

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